Does Longhorn taste different?

Yes, it's much leaner than Angus beef.

Fat wise it's much more comparable to venison than it is other beef. Much of the fat on a longhorn is what is called trim fat, and there really isn't much of that either.

Longhorn is incredibly lean.

How should I prepare it?

Check out our cooking tips section on our BEEF page. A common problem is people OVERCOOK Longhorn.

Why is Longhorn beef not more available?

In the Pacific Northwest, the Texas Longhorn population compared to Angus Beef is much smaller.

At our ranch, we originally purchased Texas Longhorns for show. After being in the industry for a few years, we have realized there is a demand for Longhorn beef.

On average, only 30% of Longhorns are butchered, compared to a much higher percentage of other beef breeds.

Longhorns do not gain weight as fast as other beef breeds. Because of that they simply don't produce the pounds per head. Even though the meat is much healthier very few ranchers are willing to take the pay cut to raise Longhorns.

Why should I buy local grass fed Longhorn?

It's the healthiest red meat you'll find.

Our Longhorn is grass fed with zero growth hormones or steroids added.

The quality of Longhorn hamburger consists of some of the best parts of the cow, where the quality of the grocery store hamburger consists of random scrap cuts they grind into a pile.

Will you ship out of state?

At this time, we are only doing local delivery.

Is your beef organic?

No, we are not certified organic as per the government's requirement.

Longhorn beef compared to other sources of protein

You would have to eat 12 cans of tuna to get the equivalent amount of zinc in once 3 oz. serving of beef.

You would have to eat 7 chicken breasts to equal the Vitamin B12 in one 3 oz. serving of beef.

Beef, a good source of selenium, provides 20-30% of the recommended daily allowance for men and women.

Studies have shown that eating lean beef can help increase “good” cholesterol and reduce “bad” cholesterol in people with elevated cholesterol levels.